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  • How much does RIMA cost?
    RIMA offers all its benefits (personalized suggestions, intelligent help and mentoring)at no cost to our first users. Sounds good? Join now.
  • Is Rima only for artists from the Global South?
    Rima is an inclusive platform open to artists from anywhere in the world. However, for the launch of the platform, we decided to prioritize the first free seats to people from communities that face greater barriers to access to available opportunities. If this is your case, join now.
  • How is Rima financed?
    RIMA is a non-profit digital platform financed with prizes from international public and private funds. In the near future, we will start receiving institutional donations.
  • How long until RIMA's launch?
    We are working very hard on the Beta version of our platform, which we hope to share with our first users in early 2023. Don't run out of your quota, Join now.
  • Do I need to be a professional to use RIMA?
    Rima wants to promote the artistic careers of any person without any distinction. However, the offer of opportunities is limited and very competitive, so we suggest having a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in order to get the most out of our platform.
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