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SHARESPACE Open Call for Artists 2023

In the near future, more and more communication will occur in digital spaces. This leads to a further blurring of the border between humans and technology, and an increase of their close intertwining in everyday life. Therefore, steering this hybrid future towards the creation of new opportunities for human-centric, safe, rewarding, and inclusive social interaction is vital. SHARESPACE is a Horizon Europe research and innovation project that aims to create future Social Hybrid Spaces (SHS). In these SHS, humans and avatars engage in embodied collaborative tasks. Social sensorimotor primitives, which refers to how people interact and communicate with each other through their senses and movements, are transparently captured through mobile connected innovative sensors, and then reconstructed using novel extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, ultimately improving embodied collaboration in digital spaces. SHARESPACE involves a wide range of European universities, companies and institutions from various fields.
The objectives of the project are evaluated through three real-world scenarios. One scenario concerns art and aims to explore artistic exploitation of SHARESPACE technology and build a bridge to the digital art community. Artistic exploration within these large European R&D projects creates new possibilities for artists to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and realize new artistic concepts. Art is about exploring innovation possibilities along non-predefined lines. This can lead to comprehensive insights that focus not only on the potential successes of a new technology but also on its potential failures. In this call we are looking for an established media artist to realize their own artistic concepts using the Deep Space 8K, located at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, and the first prototype of SHARESPACE technology released in 2024. Artists are invited to create a multi-user, hybrid, interactive art performance that leverages embodied interaction between people and different types of Virtual Humans (hereafter referred to as avatars). The developed artwork will be shown at Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Festival 2024. This specific space, unique in the world, allows for immersive and interactive 3D experiences due to high resolution wall and floor projections. The description of the core SHARESPACE concepts and the Deep Space 8K technology can be found in the next section or on the SHARESPACE website.
What we look for:
We are looking for an established media artist to deliver a performative artwork that artistically explores different aspects of SHARESPACE’s vision and technologies in a novel and challenging way. We are looking for someone who is up for the challenge of participating in an ongoing European R&D project, which entails working beyond disciplinary borders, with developing technology and prototypes and exploring unknown territories. SHARESPACE technology is still in development and only the selected artist will have access to it. In the following, we descr

The vision of SHARESPACE is the creation of future Social Hybrid Spaces (SHS) shared by humans and avatars engaged in embodied collaborative tasks, where social sensorimotor primitives are transparently captured through mobile connected innovative sensors, and then reconstructed using novel extended reality (XR) technology. Our ambition is to create a hybrid, multimodal-multisensory integrated platform which adapts to individual users and enables them to interact in an embodied shared space by learning, identifying, and reconstructing the core sensorimotor primitives of social interactions. Through our cognitive architecture, virtual avatars will facilitate joint-action, distance-based learning, and social cohesion in the hybrid societies of the future, by reconstructing core social sensorimotor primitives into virtual ones. Our long-term vision is to expand the natural repertoire of sensorimotor interactions as we currently know it, with XR technology enriching key social features of sensorimotor communication tailored to the participants’ personal characteristics, with future deployment in sectors such as health, learning, entertainment, sport and at the workplace. In short, the project aims to bring XR to a radically, ethically sound, new level of presence and sociality by furthering the possibilities of interaction in a virtual space using avatars

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