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As theories of visual culture demonstrate, since ancient times the iconographic image has been a very important form of transmission and diffusion of human knowledge.
Starting from the late Victorian period, photography became a fundamental medium for scientific research, fully responding to the need to catalog and bear witness to inquiries into the natural world. Being photography considered a means that offers an objective vision of reality, when combined with data and texts, it is welcomed by the academic environment as an ideal means for the documentary transmission of scientific results.
In the fields of botany, anatomy, and in the study of behavior, micro/macroscopic observations, etc., contemporary technology offers more and more tools that help us understand the world, tools that broaden our perception and determine our awareness of it.
The call for the exhibition Nature Exposed intends to collect photographic, video and digital visual works that offer a glimpse into the natural world through the display of elements, flora, fauna, organic processes and behavioral dynamics.The call is open to works created using any technique, style and photographic/video genre.
Images that refer to the collective imagery and imagination, that recall personal experiences through memory and even works of conceptual value.
The main interest of the exhibit will therefore be the perception of the out-of-focus image, the relationship between the observer and the image, and the observer's participation in the creation of the work through a mental definition of meaning and/or in their emotional response.

LoosenArt is an online gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary visual arts, born and based on principles of contemporaneity, the very same principles in which contact, connection and exchange are prerogatives of a cultural evolution supported by a technology that is the expression of an interest to find new channels to relate freely and more directly to the others, an interest to demonstrate an innate need of human contact, where meetings are always something which give rise to something else.

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