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Lotus Residency

Aimed at leading practitioners with significant and demonstrable critical acclaim in your chosen artistic field. This residency benefits from additional travel grants, marketing and press support, as well as allocated time for the porduction of new work of your own.
The focus and priorities of any resident will differ depending on a number of factors. Some practitioners work towards defined production goals, some seek dialogue on the development of ideas, others want to focus entirely on developing their skills as workshop leaders. Generally speaking the residency will be split between time to focus on your own work, and the delivery of workshops and master-classes. This split is approximately 60% free studio time and 40% delivering workshops. Workshops are only conducted between the hours of 0900 and 1600 Monday-Friday and practitioners have full access to the studio during the evenings until 2200. Two days of the week are free of any engagement. Time is carefully managed to ensure that you can focus on your own work production and the timetable for workshops, or master-classes is always created and agreed upon in partnership with you and the programme director.

With no associated fees, highly experienced and passionate staff and a dynamic range of international partners, Artist Residency Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most progressive artist residency and development programmes.

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