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International Summer Residency Aschersleben

“Working, Learning & a comfortable atmosphere”. These terms describe Aschersleben, the oldest town in Saxony-Anhalt, best. Education, art and culture are important issues for the city, especially at the educational center Bestehornpark, in which the International Summer School takes place once a year since 2015. Four artists will get the opportunity to be part of the artistic program, which offers a studio and living space including furniture, electricity, water, heating and internet access for three months from June to September 2024. During their work, the artists will be accompanied by press and public relations. On the website of Aschersleben you will find further information about the studio program. At the end of the three month scholarship, all members will present their results in a group exhibition

To whom the scholarship is addressed?
Accepted are applications by visual artists who have an academic degree. The program is announced to international artists of all artistic positions of fine arts.
The period
The International Summer Residency will run for 12 weeks. It takes place from June 18 until September 10, 2024. (Please be attend in Aschersleben in this period.)
We will offer you free accommodation and working space at the educational center Bestehornpark Aschersleben. You will get a one-time payment of 200 Euro.
A group exhibition with the works of every scholarship holder takes place at Riegelbau in the educational center Bestehornpark, from August 24 until September 08, 2024. The exhibition will open on August 23, 2024.
Under the supervision of Jörg Blencke, director of the creative studio at Bestehornpark.
More Information
Aschersleben has started to build up its art collection. At the end of the summer school, every scholarship holder donates one of his works to the collection of Aschersleben. The artist will choose the donation for the collection.

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