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Diane Weyermann Fellowship

Supporting filmmaking teams to develop significant works of art that highlight stories of moral and ethical urgency from around the world.
The Diane Weyermann Fellowship at Points North champions filmmaking teams producing cinematic feature documentaries that take artistic risks in highlighting stories of moral and ethical urgency. Mirroring Diane’s generosity and commitment to bold, visionary storytelling, this program aims to empower a new generation of creative documentary directors and producers, building a robust community of support that will help them create significant works of art that connect with audiences across the world.
Up to three original, feature-length documentaries in production from global filmmaking teams will be selected to participate in an 18-month collaborative Fellowship. Resources provided to Fellows include $100,000 in unrestricted, non-recoupable grants, mentorship from veteran filmmakers and industry leaders, festival retreat, and ongoing professional development – all designed to support the completion of their films and the advancement of sustainable careers as artists.

The Points North Institute is a launching pad for the next generation of nonfiction storytellers.
We build a unique, interdisciplinary community of filmmakers, artists, journalists, industry leaders and local audiences, forming a creative hub where stories and talent are discovered, collaborations are born, and the future of nonfiction media is shaped.
Our programs include the annual Camden International Film Festival and Points North Forum, as well as a growing suite of artist development initiatives: retreats, residencies, workshops and fellowships that nurture the careers of diverse nonfiction storytellers and help them develop a stronger artistic voice.

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