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2025 Sculpture Space Artist Residency Program

SCULPTURE SPACE in Utica, New York offers two-month residencies for sculpture artists from February to November 2024. You'll have access to a 5,500 sq. ft. shared studio with specialized equipment, along with six semi-private studios. Our on-site Studio Manager provides ongoing assistance, and the Executive Director can help with special requests. Basic English communication skills are required. Each residency consists of five to six artists during four two-month periods: February/March, April/May, July/August, and October/November.
You're expected to stay for the full two months. Housing is provided a block away in a renovated multi-level home with private bedrooms, washer/dryer, TV, internet, shared living space, and kitchen. You'll be responsible for your materials, specialized tools, and food.
We host Open Studio receptions and welcome visits from artists, curators, and writers. A Review Committee selects artists based on the quality, originality, and potential of their work and proposed projects. The current stipend for this residency is $750 USD, with the possibility of an increase depending on additional funding.

Sculpture Space, is an international residency program, providing specialized studio workspace for professional artists whose focus is sculpture. We are dedicated to the belief that art, particularly sculpture, has the power to strengthen understanding of the world. We are committed to providing artists with time and resources to fully explore their creative potential. Sculpture Space seeks to expand public awareness of and support for contemporary art by creating opportunities for artists to share their work with the community through exhibitions, lectures, and educational outreach.
Since 1976, Sculpture Space has supported over 650 national and international artists, fostering collaboration, dialogue, and creative connections.

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