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2024 Javier & Marta Villavecchia Fellowships

The Centre for Aesthetics, Religion and Contemporary Culture and the Haas Library at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra are pleased to announce a call for applications for two individual fellowships, permitting the successful applicants to carry out original artistic and/or research projects at the Haas Library for a period of three months during 2023-2024. We welcome scholarly and/or artistic submissions from any disciplinary background or perspective, though candidates must show the specific link between their proposal and any aspect or theme of the Haas Library collection.
The Haas Library, founded in 2003, includes an important collection of around 40,000 books donated by Prof. Alois M. Haas (University of Zurich) to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. This collection constitutes a highly specialized library for the study of the humanities, religious thought and mysticism, with a particular emphasis on the Western tradition. Its catalogue is still growing thanks to recent donations by Prof. Haas, including literature and resources on philosophical anthropology, metaphysics, theology, and aesthetics. The collection is housed at the General Library of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in the stunning Dipòsit de les Aigües (Water Tower) building, which offers a privileged environment for researchers.
Thanks to the generosity of Javier & Marta Villavecchia, the goal of the fellowships is to foster the production of research and creative outputs that take advantage of the Haas Library’s unrivalled collection of academic material and to connect working artists and researchers with interests in the areas of religious thought, Western mysticism and the humanities.
Accomodation is not provided, but the assistance of the Mobility Office of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra is available, and the Centre may assist the recipients in the consultation process.
Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
This call is open to both artists and postdoctoral researchers with original and innovative proposals that make use of the themes and materials of the Haas Library.The fellowships offer the chance to develop an original project that takes advantage of the unique features of the Haas Library. The Centre for Aesthetics, Religion and Contemporary Culture welcomes proposals from any discipline or field, though multidisciplinary proposals are particularly encouraged. Candidates from any academic background are eligible to apply. Academic researchers wishing to apply should present a proposal stipulating the material they are interested in consulting at the Haas Library (<>), a plan for the research they wish to undertake during the fellowship, and any publications or other outputs they plan to produce as a result of the proposed research. Artists wishing to apply should show in their proposal how the planned project combines artistic production with theoretical approaches related to the material housed at the Haas Library.
Studio / Workspace
The recipient will be granted a private office inside the Tower Water building, which hosts the General Library of the university and the Haas Library. A personal computer, internet connection and full access to the loan and reprography services will be provided, and all technical services of voice and image recording and editing is also provided by the university.

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